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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering 3rd Edition Pdf

Title: Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering.

Author: timothy hubbard, jessica hamman & david johnson

Edition: 3rd Edition.

Type: Handbook Pdf.

Pages: 903.

Introduction :

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering 3rd Edition Pdf

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering was the textbook that my university used to teach their ~3rd year student chemical engineering class on chemical reaction engineering. It was in this class that we learned about Batch Reactors, Continuous Stir Tank Reactors (CSTR), Plug Flow Reactors (PFR), and Packed Bed Reactors. Each one of these different reactors has its own unique design equations and mathematics. We also learned about the mass transport principals for catalyst media, reaction rate constants, and how they are adjusted for varying temperatures. All of these topics are well covered in this book. There are 3 or 4 well known textbooks that cover this topic, this one seems to be about the most popular, and it is popularly used for undergraduate coursework. I also used it some to support understanding of more advanced reactor design concepts when I was taking graduate level chemical engineering courses, so the basics (and not so basics) covered in this textbook are useful for supporting more advanced work too. Some of the more advanced chemical reaction engineering textbooks just do not do as good of a job of explaining reactor design equations as this one does.

There is a very large amount of material covered in this book, if you use it for an undergraduate course textbook, you won’t be able to read and learn about all of it, but this makes it useful for being a good reference textbook later. The book explains how to do mole balances, reaction rate equations and measurements, reactor sizing and networking, stoichiometry, yields, energy balances for chemical reactors, handling of multiple reactions, biochemical reaction rate equations, the mass transport principals behind use of catalysts (there are a lot of mass transport things going on here), and some things about mixing and non-ideal reactors and use of tracers. These are all important concepts in the field of chemical engineering, and make this a good textbook for coursework, and for reference.

I’ve seen reviews for this textbook claiming that the writing is bad and the figures aren’t very good. This is true, and this is why I’m giving this book four stars instead of five. This textbook has a lot of grayscale graphics throughout. Some of them are high quality, while others are grainy and the resolution sucks. Fortunately, the graphics that are most important (the graphs and plots) are of high quality, and the lower quality things are generally less important. The editing of this textbook is also somewhat modest, especially considering that it is a fourth edition, and that the copy that I have isn’t the first printing of the fourth edition either. There are grammatical errors occasionally, but fortunately, they don’t greatly interfere with the understanding. Probably the worst editing shortfall is that the homework problems aren’t always written all that well. Some are randomly super difficult for an undergraduate to solve with normal undergraduate math skills, perhaps because they made a mistake in writing the question. Some of them provide data that you are supposed to come up with a graph and regression with, and they give you so few data that you can hardly do it. There are also questions that are just poorly worded. One asks you to specify the *weight* of catalyst required for the reactor, when they really should have been saying mass, since weight is gravity dependent. My classmates and I thought about just skipping the calculations and answering “None, because it’s in space!!”

This textbook is also quirky. There is a homework problem on it about a Hippopotamus where a veterinarian does surgery on it, and accidentally switches the stomach and intestine, and you have to use CSTR and PRF calculations to see if the Hippo would survive or not. There is also a homework problem about a small swimming organism where they give the journal article where the data came from, and if you look it up, the swimming organism is a sperm cell!! You will find other quirky homework problems, this is just the beginning.

This book also comes with a small software program called Polymath. This problem is useful for solving chemical reaction differential equations, and is much easier to use and easier to learn than the heavyweight softwares like Matlab for example. Try it out if you have trouble solving differential equations for chemical reactors.

Another nice advantage of this book is that it has nice coverage on graphical solutions for reactor design. While at times this seems archaic because we have so much computing power with computers now that we can always solve analytically or via a diff equ solver, the graphical solutions provide a second way of trying to grasp the reactor design concepts, and some readers will really do well in using graphical solutions to help them understand the overall design concepts.

So…in summary, from a technical standpoint, this is a very good book, but it could be written and edited a little better. Try not to let the editing get on your nerves too much, focus on the equations, and you will probably be ok. I can’t think of another reactor design textbook that is necessarily better than this one.


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