Engineering Unit Conversions Pdf

 Engineering Unit Conversions  Introduction:

Engineering Unit Conversions is a book written by Michael Linderburg. The book was published by Professional Publications. Originally published in 1988, this 148-page book was later published in 1992. The author holds an MS and BS in Industrial Engineering.

He completed both of his degrees from Stanford University. His book has helped thousands of engineering students from around the world.

Engineering Unit Conversions  Review:

In engineering, a unit conversion table is very important. Whether you are solving problems or you are just trying to understand a new concept, you need to be able to understand the different units.

Unit converter download option is available on the Internet right now but back in the day, this book was the ultimate resource that people used for unit conversions. ( Chemical Engineering Books download )

The book has over 4500 conversions and is a great reference book of this sort, which has no match. People from all fields of engineering, whether civil, mechanical, chemical or electrical can use this book as a helpful guide.

The SI unit conversion is given in this book so that the students can save their time while working through exercise problems. Many people struggle with  Conversion of units of measurements. They can use this book as a reference to make their life easier.


  • You can find converter Google on the Internet now for your help. Also, unit conversion table PDF is also available on the web for students’ help.
  • Engineering Unit Conversions Michaels is a book that every engineer should have on his or her bookshelf.
  • Engineering Unit converter free download option has made the converter units system accessible to many students.
  • However, you cannot have internet at all times and it is always handy to have a reference book with you.
  • This book covers almost all the unit conversions that you could possibly think of.

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