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Enders Game PDF Free Download | Ender’s Game Book

Enders Game book is the author of Orson Scott Card. It’s a complete science and a fiction based novel that is the sequel to “Ender Universe”. Ender is basically the military genius that the earth needs to get into the war against the inscrutable alien who is seeking to fully destroy the whole human life. This novel is worth reading because it is an international bestseller and is loved by generations.

Ender’s Game Book

Enders Game Summary: 

Moving to the next, let’s give you details about the storyline Ender’s game summary section! 

Enders Game e-book opens with the protagonist nine-year-old Andrew (Ender) Wiggin being given a Genius test. All his life, Ender Wiggin has been advised by his family, school, and authorities that an opposed alien force threatens to return to ruin planet Earth. Humans around the planet have dubbed these aliens “The Buggers.”

Ender, due to his excessive Genius score, is recruited to Battle School, an operation that attracts the most promising teenagers from around the world and trains them in the conflict systems that will shield Earth from the upcoming alien invasion. The oldest infant in the family, Peter, is intensely jealous that Ender has been chosen while he and their center sister, Valentine, had been now not selected.

Ender is additionally bullied by faculty via jealous peers. Valentine intervenes to guard him against the bullies, as nicely as Peter. The household drama comes to an end when Colonel Graff escorts Ender away from his home and into Battle School.

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Ender’s Game Free Download:

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