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The Mathematics of Diffusion Pdf Free Download

Title: The Mathematics of Diffusion

Author: John Crank.

Introduction :

The Mathematics of Diffusion is a book written by John Crank. The book was published in 1956 and has had many editions published since then. It was published by the Clarendon Press and contains a massive amount of information about diffusion and problems relating to it.

Review :

In the book, the author has explained diffusion and how to solve diffusion problems. Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. This movement is not aided by energy.

The author explains how diffusion takes place in a circle and how it takes place in a sphere. Also, the different equations of diffusion are also present in the book along with the author’s explanation of how to solve them and find solutions to problems using them.

He has also shed light on the simultaneous diffusion of heat with moisture. In this case, diffusion of two different phases occurs and the writer explains how that takes place.


Features :

  • The author explains different concepts that are related to diffusion and the problems associated with them.
  • He also has included a tabular form of information so that the Content is laid out nicely.
  • He has also talked about diffusion in a plane sheet. To make the concept more clear, he uses a whole chapter to explain it

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


The diffusion equations

Methods of the solution when the diffusion coefficient is constant

Infinite and semiinfinite media

Diffusion in a plane sheet

Diffusion in a cylinder

Diffusion in a sphere

methods of solution

Numerical methods

NonFickian diffusion

Diffusion in heterogeneous media

Moving boundaries

Diffusion and chemical reaction

Simultaneous diffusion of heat and moisture



Author index

Some calculated results for variable diffusion coefficients

The definition and measurement of diffusion coefficients

Subject index

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