Chemical Engineer Job Description Salary and Career

Who are Chemical Engineers and Chemical Engineer Job Description:

Before discussing the Chemical engineer it is very important to get a better understanding of their work so let’s start with the basic definition of the Chemical Engineering field.

Definition of Chemical Engineering:

“Chemical Engineering is the branch of the engineering combines the physics, chemistry, life sciences (includes biochemistry and microbiology) and mathematics to produce and transform the chemicals, materials, and energy”.

Defination of Chemical Engineering

Introduction of Chemical Engineering:-

Most of the modern technologies become possible only due to Chemical engineering, like different types of the plastics which is the core part of most of the things in present era is the wonder of the chemical engineering, most of the cures become possible due to the blend of different chemicals which yields the simple solution of dangerous diseases. Similarly, pollution can only be encountered via using chemical engineering techniques.

Introduction of Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineer training:

So let’s start with the educational requirement to become a professional Chemical engineer, one must get the education in undergraduate or graduate-level degree in Chemical field. Chemical engineer mostly holds a Bachelor degree, Master in chemical engineering or PhD in Chemical engineering degree. In the present era, various fields are available in education a person can easily select his desired career. The best thing about chemical engineering is it combines various fields mentioned in the definition and many more. It depends on the students thinking that what kind of file he will opt and combine it with another field.

Chemical engineer training

Responsibilities of a chemical engineer:

The most important question the jobs, work and responsibilities of the Chemical engineers. So answer is the chemical engineer combines the different fields of science i.e. physics, Environmental sciences, biology and maths to create a chemical formula for different chemicals like fuel, medicine, food and many more. Now let’s briefly discuss the jobs of chemical engineers, Chemical engineer plays vital role in any industry because in present era nothing is possible without chemicals like in car industry entire colouring, anti-rusting process, welding etc cannot be done without chemicals, similarly, world food demand is increasing at high rate which can’t be fulfilled with conventional food production so synthetic food will be the main source for food supply which can’t be done without chemical engineers.

Similarly, in the petroleum sector, chemical engineers are the core of any project or process like separation of the components of fuels from crude oil is a purely chemical process. As we know that the greenhouse effect is the huge threat to global weather stability the scientists from all over the world are using chemical methods to encounter this problem to avoid disaster in future. The mentioned fields are the highlights of the jobs and importance of the chemical engineers in the present era.

Responsibilities of a chemical engineer

Chemical Engineer Job Description and Duties:

Now let’s discuss the duties and job description of the chemical engineers in any perspective. The chemical engineer conducts different project or research to create or develop new methods or improve the old conventional methods to obtain better results, he must set the safety procedures for all working under the radius of hazardous chemicals, develop new techniques or process for basic chemical fields like separating of liquids or gasses or use the methods for power production.

The chemical engineer should know how to design the equipment used in chemical processes, the engineer controls and monitors entire chemical process, troubleshoot the problems occurred during the process and suggests the equipment and process to ensure the safety of the environment. These are the main tasks of any chemical engineer in any company or industry.

Responsibilities of a chemical engineer

Types of chemical engineering jobs:

A most common question asked by people is what kind of task is performed by chemical engineers in pharmaceutical companies. The answer is very simple each medicine is the blend of different chemicals mixed or combined via particular formula and quantity, which can only be done under the supervision of the chemical engineer. So in any pharmaceutical company Chemical engineer is very important.
The chemical engineers are capable of creating wonders like plastic, medicines, food, chemicals for particular or general uses, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, polymer creation and specific type of electronic material etc, so the chemical engineers play pivotal role in a present era without their efforts world won’t be same. Chemical products fulfill the huge demands of goods required for many things used in our daily routine.

Types of chemical engineering jobs

Chemical Engineer Career and Scope in future:

Now let’s discuss the Career opportunities for chemical engineers, we already discussed the importance of chemical engineers, their duties and job description as well. So it is important to mention the career opportunities for chemical engineers. the chemical engineer can go for Analytical chemistry, energy manager, Manufacturing engineering, the material engineer in different industries including pharmaceutical companies and growth is guaranteed.

In mining filed Chemical engineer is very important due to the usage of different chemicals or separation methods or process which leads to the production of different products, hence chemical engineer can also choose the Mining engineer career as well as production manager career. Since products quality should be insured which is not possible without the chemicals check so the Quality manager is also a suitable career path for Chemical engineers.

Chemical Engineer Salary:

The earning is one of the most crucial things for any person, for different career paths salary is different per year but the average income of an experienced chemical engineer is in between 60 K $ to 160 K$ which is not that much worse.

Chemical Engineer Salary

Famous Chemical Engineer:

In the end, let’s discuss the famous and well know chemical engineer world has ever seen. It’s a huge list of well-known chemical engineers we will list a few of them. They have served the world in different ways and make the path clear for the present modern world. George Edward Davis the father of Chemical engineering Discipline:

His lectures serve as the core of the chemical engineering, he established the fundamentals of industrial engineering through his book “ A Handbook of Chemical Engineering”.

Famous Chemical Engineer

Arthur D Little:

The inventor of unit operations the backbone of the industrial process.

Robert Samuel Langer:

The father of Tissue Engineering and well known for his efforts for medicine and biotechnology. He is a professor at MIT.

Thomas H Chilton:

He was the pioneer of modern chemical engineering practices he developed the Chilton-Colburn analogy which is vastly used in heat and mass transfer.

Chemical Engineer Test:

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