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Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers PDF


Chemical Engineering For Non-Chemical engineers is a book written by Jack Hipple. The latest edition of the book was published in December of 2016 by John Wiley and Son. Chemical Engineering For Non-Chemical engineers book is written to help non-chemical engineers learn the basics of chemical engineering so that they can incorporate their work in the field. For examples, engineers from other fields often need to work with the chemical aspect of engineering. For those people, this book is a complete guide.

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Chemical Engineering For Non-Chemical engineers online course is also present which talks about the difference between the chemical practices in industry and laboratory. Readers will learn how grave the consequences of their mistakes in the lab can be and how they need to scale a reaction according to the process. Basics of chemical engineering are explained in the book with topics like mass, fluid energy balances, economic scaling of reaction. Thee analytical methods explained in the book are flow sheets and their functions against time.

This book also focuses on chemical Engineering for Chemists since it explains the mechanism behind fluid flow and how centrifugal pumps are different from positive displacements. Readers will learn about the aspects relating to safety and how these phenomena are limited. This book is 101 chemical engineering for non-engineers. Its main focus is on the chemical aspects and the safety concerns that are present with them. In Chemical Engineering For Non-Chemical engineers, readers will learn about different processes like distillation, absorption, polymer manufactures, tank basics solid handling and adsorption.


  • Niches essentials of Chemical Engineering For Non-Chemical engineers is another book of the sort that explains the chemical side of engineering to non-chemical engineers.
  • This book is a guide that all engineers must have since it covers the basics.

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