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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Jm Smith pdf 6th edition free download


Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 6th edition was published in the year 2001, McGraw-Hill and the International edition by J.M. SMITH. He is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at the University of California.

In this book, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics is explained form its basics so it becomes easy for the students to study it. From the point of view of chemical engineering, this book gives detailed coverage of thermodynamics

. This text is rich through the principles of thermodynamics and explains its application and the chemical processes involved. The content of the book is written in an understandable manner, with organized description and involves many problems which are interesting for practice and build accuracy the examples are general from surroundings which are easily grasped by the instructors and learners. The complex concepts are explained clearly with visual presentations for more efficiency.

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 6th edition

 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Jm Smith Summary:

Another important book from McGraw-Hill publisher, The chemical engineering thermodynamics by Jm Smith is an important guide for chemical engineers that are looking for guidance on Thermodynamics and the law of chemical engineering. Chemical engineering thermodynamics Jm smith pdf is an excellent guide & its the much preferable book in colleges and universities.


This book has got some great and advanced graphics and illustrations. The content is elaborated in the form of video lectures and explanations. New visual graphics are introduced in this edition in the form of diagrammatic explanations which is more appropriate to understand. The advanced symbols and ideas attract leaners and study deeply on problem-solving techniques.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. The First Law and Other Basic Concepts
3. Volumetric Properties of Pure Fluids
4. Heat Effects
5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
6. Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids
7. Applications of Thermodynamics to Flow Processes
8. Production of Power From Heat
9. Refrigeration and Liquefaction
10. Vapor/Liquid Equilibrium: Introduction
11. Solution Thermodynamics: Theory
12. Solution Thermodynamics: Applications
13. Chemical-Reaction Equilibria
14. Topics in Phase Equilibria
15. Thermodynamic Analysis of Processes
16. Introduction to Molecular Thermodynamics
Appendix A: Conversion Factors and Values of Gas Constant Appendix B: Properties of Pure Species
Appendix C: Heat Capacities and Property Changes of Formation
Appendix D: Representative Computer Programs
Appendix E: The Lee/Keesler Generalized-Correlation Tables
Appendix F: Steam Tables
Appendix G: Thermodynamic Diagrams
Appendix H: UNIFAC Method
Appendix I: Newton’s Method

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Download Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 6th edition PDF Free


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