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Mass transfer

Mass Transfer and Separation Process Principle and Applications Diran Basmadijan Pdf free download

Author: Diran Basmadijan

Edition: 2nd Edition

Mass Transfer and Separation Process Introduction:

Mass Transfer and Separation Process Principle and Applications Diran Basmadijan. Diran Basmadjian is Professor (Emeritus) of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

He is the author of two books and over forty journal papers in the areas of adsorption, biochemical engineering, and mathematical modelling. Mass Transfer and Separation Process: Principles and Applications are written by Diran Basmadjian and published under the supervisory of CRC press on 25 April 2007.

The book consists of 512 pages. The methods used to teach is very simple and effective. Mass Transfer and Separation Process Principle and Applications, the chemical process is explained in a very easy way.

Book has most of the major principles and concepts related to the engineering, environmental and biological sciences. This book can play a vital role as a source of knowledge for engineering professionals.

chemical pdf mass transfer and seperation preocess application

Mass Transfer and Separation Process  Summary :

Mass Transfer and Separation Process Principle and Applications, Separation process and Mass transfer are two very difficult parts of Chemical engineering hard to get a good grip on them.

Most of the available books contain a very difficult and complicated procedure for different processes related to mass transfer and heat transfer.

This book presents very handful and easy methods to a tech about the mass and heat transfer. Most of the theories like Heat conduction theory is utilized to create simple and easy solutions to difficult problems.

Mass Transfer and Separation Process Book Features :

Provides full coverage of mass transfer theory and separation processes.
Emphasizes practical, real-world engineering design.
Presents mathematics at an accessible level.
Features more biomedical and environmental applications.
Contains newly worked examples and exercises.
Devotes much attention to modelling.

Table of Content :

Some Basic Notions. Rates of Mass Transport :

Gradient-Driven and Forced Transport.
Transport Driven by a Potential Difference. The Film Concept and the Mass Transfer Coefficient.
The Two-Film Theory.
Modelling Mass Transport: The Mass Balances.
The Compartment or Stirred Tank and the One-Dimensional Pipe.
The Classification of Mass Balances.
The Information Obtained from Model Solutions.
Setting-up Partial Differential Equations.
The General Conservation Equations.

Diffusion Through Gases, Liquids, and Solids :

Diffusion Coefficients.
More About Diffusion. Transient Diffusion and Diffusion with Reaction.
Transient Diffusion.
Diffusion and Reaction.

More About Mass Transfer Coefficients :

Dimensionless Groups.
Mass Transfer Coefficients in Laminar Flow: Extraction from the PDE Model.
Mass Transfer in Turbulent Flow. Dimensional Analysis and the Buckingham p Theorem.
Mass Transfer Coefficients for Tower Packings.
Mass Transfer Coefficients in Agitated Vessels.
Mass Transfer Coefficients in the Environment: Uptake and Clearance of Toxic Substances in Animals. The Bioconcentration Factor.

Phase Equilibria :

Single Component Systems. Vapour Pressure
Multi-component Systems: Distribution of a Single Solute
Multicomponent Equilibria. Distribution of Several Components
Staged Operations: The Equilibrium Stage
Equilibrium Stages
The staged Cascades.
The Equilibrium Stage in the Real World.
Multistage Distillation.
Percolation Processes.
Stage Efficiencies.
Continuous-Contact Operations.
Packed-Column Operations.
Membrane Processes.
Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer.
The Air-Water System: Humidification and Dehumidification, Evaporative Cooling.
Drying Operations.
Heat Effects in a Catalyst Pellet. The Nonisothermal Effectiveness Factor.


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