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Mass Transfer Theory and Applications KV Narayanan Pdf Free Download

Download Mass Transfer Theory and Applications By KV Narayanan

Mass Transfer Theory and Applications KV Narayanan, KV Narayanan, and B Lakshmikutty put their best efforts into Mass Transfer Theory and Applications PDF, the book was published under the supervision of CSB in 2014. The book is written in the English Language and consists of 974 pages.

The author’s intention was to serve as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Chemical engineering field. The book offers information on the fundamental principles and their real-time industrial applications.

Each process is explained on the basis of laboratory and industrial experiments along with mathematical proofs. Instruments used in the chemical process are also briefly discussed in the content of the book.

Mass Transfer Theory and Applications PDF Summary:

Mass Transfer Theory and Applications KV Narayanan, From the book, engineers from different fields can take advantage. The fields include Petrochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Safety, and Fire Engineering.

The content of the book briefly explains the fundamental and core principles used in the mass transfer process and techniques. It also includes molecular diffusion, interphase mass transfer, and the theory of Connectivity.

Most of the major processes in chemical engineering like Diffusion, separation, Gas Absorption, Distillation, Humidification, and Crystallization are well explained.

The book is a mixture of the mix fundamentals, state-of-the-art developments, applications, and trends in the design of Chemical engineering field equipment and process. Multiple choice examples, numerical and examples are also part of the book to give a better understanding of related topics.

Mass Transfer Theory and Applications KV Narayanan

Table of Content:

Introduction and Basic Concepts
The first law of thermodynamics
PVT behavior and Heat effects
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Some applications of the Laws of thermodynamics
Thermodynamic Properties of pure fluids
Chemical Reaction Equilibria


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Mass Transfer by kV Narayanan PDF Free Download:

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