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A Doll’s House PDF

A Dolls House book is a play that is based on three acts by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. The whole theme of the play has been set in a Norwegian town circa 1879. The book is all about a married woman who is dealing with her fate all the time in a male-dominated society.

The whole A Dolls House e-book has been arousing great sensation and has even caused the “storm of outraged controversy” which is beyond the theatre towards the world newspapers and society.

A Doll’s House Book


Now here comes A Doll’s House summary:

Nora Helmer and her husband Torvald are the main characters of this book! Have you ever imagined living in a house that is filled with dolls? This is the house in which you are fully controlled and you are not having any energy to get settle down with any of the solid choices. You will be the person who is the source of amusement for someone else.

It would certainly be an awful marriage. In short, it is the house in which the husband is holding with some satchel strings and hence abandons you with no such influence over your family’s personal accounts. The whole book storyline is based on literary work in which you will find different modes and themes coming your way.

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