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Antigone’s e-book is yet after the Oedipus Rex, the most popular Sophocles’ plays to survive. This book was written over 2,400 years ago and Antigone is yet the finest example of the Greek tragedy.

The whole Antigone book explores the central moral issue delivered through the two main characters such as Creon and Antigone. Remains have been as relevant as it was when Sophocles first wrote them.

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Antigone Summary:

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The whole action of Antigone has been following up on the Theban civil war, which is related to the two brothers, namely Eteocles and Polynices. They both died fighting each other to achieve the throne of Thebes after the Eteocles had entirely refused to give up the crown to his brother yet as their father, Oedipus, prescribed it.

Creon is the new ruler of the Thebes, and he has announced that Eteocles will be honored as well as Polynices will be disgraced by all, leaving his body unburied over the battlefield. This was the painful and harsh punishment of that time.

Antigone has somehow raised many moral questions that have remained significant even today, almost two-and-a-half thousand years ago. It highlights the questions of the fundamental limits of the ruler’s power and whether there should be any clear limits. Plus, it even mentioned what kind of inalienable freedoms and rights people are afforded.

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