Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering 7th edition solution manual & eBook

basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering 7th


Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering, 7th edition solution manual is an essential resource for students and professionals in the field of chemical engineering.

This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step solutions to a wide range of problems in chemical engineering, including material balances, energy balances, and thermodynamics. The solution manual covers the fundamental principles and calculations involved in chemical processes, such as reaction stoichiometry, rate laws, and chemical equilibrium. It also includes chapters on process control and process design.

Using this solution manual, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical and computational methods used in chemical engineering, as well as the practical applications of these principles. Overall, the 7th edition solution manual is a valuable tool for anyone looking to master the basics of chemical engineering.

basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering 7th


1-    Dimensions, Units, and Their Conversion.

2-    Moles, Density, and Concentration.

3-    Choosing a Basis.

4-     Temperature.

5-     Pressure.

6-     Introduction to Material Balances.

7-     A General strategy for solving Material Balance Problems.

8-     Solving Material Balance Problems for a single unit without reaction.

9-     The Chemical Reaction Equation and Stoichiometry.

10-   Material Balances for Processes Involving Reaction.

11-   Material balance problems involving multiple units.

12-   Recycle, bypass, purge and the industrial Application of material balances.

13-   Ideal gases.

14-   Real gases: compressibility.

15-   Equations of state

16-   Single component two-phase systems.

17-   Two-phase-gas-liquid-systems.( saturation,condensation,vaporization)

18-   Two-phase-gas-liquid-systems ( partial saturation and humidity)

19-   Phase rule & vapor-liquid equilibria.

20-   Liquids & gases in equilibrium with solids.

21-   Energy: terminology, concepts & units.

22-   Introduction to energy balances for processes without reactions.

23-   Calculation of Enthalpy changes.

24-   Applications of energy balances in the absence of chemical reaction.

25-   Energy balances: how to account for a chemical reaction.

26-   Energy balances that include the effects of a chemical reaction.

27-   Ideal processes: Efficiency, the mechanical energy balance.

28-   Heats of solution and mixing.

29-   Humidity (psychrometric) charts and their uses. 

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