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Born a Crime PDF

Born a Crime book has been written by Trevor Noah where he is telling all the stories about his youth and the achievements he has got till date today. He is telling the story of his whole youth as the son of the white Swiss Father and a black Xhosa mother.

Noah’s whole book is dealing with the themes of adolescence, race and faith, and abuse. Every single portion of the book is starting with a small note which highlights all the topics for better engagement of the reader. As the author grew up, he even faced some stages of the horrors of post-apartheid South Africa in his routine events.

Born a Crime Book


Born a Crime Summary: 

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Born a Crime e-book as written by Noah is highlight a kid of 9 years old who belonged to mixed races. Noah has readily described all about his life when he was caught between these two worlds and how he has to deal with the whole life situation of having two different identities. “I was nine years old when my own mother threw me out of a moving car”. This has definitely shaken the whole world that how a celebrity with a happy face has seen such a worst childhood.

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