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Crime and Punishment PDF Free Download

Crime and Punishment e-book has the plot is settled in Sankt Petersburg, Russia. The whole story has been spinning around the 19th-century theme of the poor, young law student Rodion Raskolnikov.

The whole Crime and Punishment book has the message where Raskolnikov thinks that humanity is divided into two major parts. One includes those living in the society according to the laws and exceptions, including Napoleon, who writes his laws and customs.

The book was written by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and was first published in the year 1866.

Crime and Punishment Book

Crime and Punishment Book


Crime and Punishment Summary:

Next, we will move to the Crime and Punishment summary for the readers!

Raskolnikov is the book’s main protagonist, a successful law student studying Law in St. Petersburg. Being the poor one, he faced some hard times in continuing with life and his education. At last, he dropped his law education. He started facing permanent damage to his inside world and yet faced many contradictions within himself.

Raskolnikov was not able to survive anymore and started to listen to the devil inside him. He took the ax and went to the pawnbroker. He strongly swings up the ax and strikes the women’s head and kills her right there. The elder women’s sister comes into the way, and Raskolnikov kills her too.

Although the guilt inside the Raskolnikov disappeared and he knew that he did wrong by killing an innocent soul. Internal conflicts and regrets made him sick and weak. His friend Razumikin supported him and helped him to find a doctor to regain power.

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