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Cthulhu’s book has been written by the author H. P. Lovecraft. It is a short story that has been written in 1926 but it was originally serialized in February 1928. This is just story written by Lovecraft where the extraterrestrial entity of Cthulhu has himself made some major appearances. It is completely written in the style of a documentary where the three major and independent narratives have been put together.

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Cthulhu Summary: 

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Cthulhu’s e-book has been all presented in the shape of the silent film which falls within the 1920s era. At the time of organizing all the affairs of the late Uncle, a man accidentally stumbled all across a series of clues toward a major ancient horror lurking just beneath the sea. He has been waiting for one such time when he feels that the “Stars are Right” and it somehow shall be to wreak havoc upon mankind.

Throughout this whole investigation, he even learned that the artist has been all influenced by the strange dreams along with the officer who is discovering the ancient cult worshiping the “Great Cthulhu” and hence ultimately it brings about the tale of the sailors who are encountering sanity-shattering horror once they discovered about the Cthulhu himself. The story is quite a mixture of the thriller and suspense taste.

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