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Explosives Engineering Pdf

Explosives Engineering is a book written by Paul Cooper. The book was published by VCH and became available for purchase in the market in 1996. Explosives Engineering  PDF by Paul Cooper has made life much easier for students who are in the field.

The book focuses on the technologies that are employed in the engineering mechanisms related to explosives. Different topics are explained in the book such as the chemistry of burning, shock waves, scaling, and initiation theories.

Explosives Engineering Pdf


Explosives Engineering Book Review:

Explosives Engineering Paul W Cooper PDF is a guide for students from undergraduate and graduate levels. It is equally helpful for engineers, scientists, and chemists.

Along with the basic technology, the book also talks about the chemistry of the process and the mathematics that is utilized in the process. The students will also learn about the mechanics involved and the physics behind the explosives. The book is extremely useful as a textbook since its basis is noted by the Department of Energy Laboratories.

Other than colleges, mining engineers, and military engineers can also use this book to gain insight into the processes that they use in their daily life and the mechanism that drives these processes. The basic principle of this book is to make the reader aware of the phenomenon of burning and to help them analyze different problems that are often present in the practical field.

Explosives Engineering Features:

  • Explosives Engineering Paul Cooper’s PDF download option has made this book accessible for students, military engineers, and mining engineers all around the world.
  • Readers will learn about the chemistry of explosives. This is exactly what the basis of an explosives engineering course needs to be.
  • Once the readers are educated about the chemistry behind it, they will be able to solve problems related to it and find new applications for the process.

Download Explosives Engineering PDF:

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