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Fuels and Combustion PPT

Fuels and Combustion PPT, Fuels, and Combustion is a book written by Samir Sarkar. The book was originally published in 1974 and has written on the mechanism of combustion and how it is used in our day-to-day life.

Combustion is the process in which fuel reacts with an oxidant, mostly oxygen from the air. People who are studying courses about fuel and petrochemicals can take a lot of help and guidance from this book in terms of understanding the mechanism of combustion and how it is practically used.


Fuels and Combustion PPT Review:

The book is written with the help of students in the field of engineering and this is why it is an integral part of college-level engineering courses. Students can learn the usefulness of combustion in the field of engineering and in their daily life. There are also many problems in the book for the students to solve. These problems will help the students see if they are learning well from the book. Educators can also take help from this book in the sense that they can use the problem questions to test the students and can teach the fundamentals of the discipline to the students using the comprehensive information in this.

Fuels and Combustion PPT Features:

  • Fuels and Combustion PPT Epub format is also available and it helps the students in their course studies and the general public in their interest to learn about combustion and usage of fuels.
  • The Fuels and Communion pdf download option is available on the Internet for students who do not want to spend too much money on buying the book.
  • Readers will be able to gain insight into the mechanism of combustion and the oxidation reactions that take place in the process.
  • This book is written by an Indian writer so there are quite a few examples from Indian backgrounds.

Fuels and Combustion PPT:

Download the Fuel and combustion PPT from our site and also check out the chemical engineering book.

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