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HEAT TRANSFERMass transfer

Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer 5th Edition Welty Pdf Free Download

Book: Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: James

  1. Welty, Charles E. Wicks  Robert E. Wilson

Edition: 5th


Fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer 5th edition, Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer is written by multiple authors including James R. Welty Department of Mechanical Engineering, Charles E. Wicks Department of Chemical Engineering Robert E.

Wilson Department of Mechanical Engineering Gregory L. Rorrer who is the professor in Mechanical engineering in the University of Connecticut, Adrienne S. Lavine who is the professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles and David P.

Dewitt who is a professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at Purdue University. The book is published under the supervision of John Wiley and Sons, Inc. on 12 June 2017.

It can be utilized for both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering students, it covers all the major topics related to Heat and Mass Transfer.

Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer 5th Edition


Fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer 5th edition. The book contains the material related to mass and Heat transfer.

Fundamental principles and process related to these two major parts of chemical engineering are well explained on the basis of the numerous numerical and solved examples.

Unlike other books, it combines the old techniques with the latest simulation software, through this blend a better learning environment is created for the reader to understand the concepts and process more easily and effectively. Each process explained with used instruments and mathematical calculations justify the process and method used for it

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Table of Content :

  1. Introduction to Momentum Transfer
    2. Fluid Statics
    3. Description of a Fluid in Motion
    4. Conservation of Mass: Control-Volume Approach
    5. Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Control-Volume Approach
    6. Conservation of Energy: Control-Volume Approach
  2. External Flow
    8. Shear Stress in Laminar Flow
    9. Analysis of a Differential Fluid Element in Laminar Flow
    10. Differential Equations of Fluid Flow
    11. In-viscid Fluid Flow
    12. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
    13. Viscous Flow
    14. Flow in Closed Conduits


  1. Transformations of the Operators = and =2 to Cylindrical Coordinates 648
    B. Summary of Differential Vector Operations in Various Coordinate Systems 651
    C. Symmetry of the Stress Tensor 654
    D. The Viscous Contribution to the Normal Stress 655
    E. The Navier–Stokes Equations for Constant r and m in Cartesian, Cylindrical, and Spherical Coordinates 657
    F. Charts for Solution of Unsteady Transport Problems 659
    xii Contents
    G. Properties of the Standard Atmosphere 672
    H. Physical Properties of Solids 675
    I. Physical Properties of Gases and Liquids 678
    J. Mass-Transfer Diffusion Coefficients in Binary Systems 691
    K. Lennard–Jones Constants 694
    L. The Error Function 697
    M. Standard Pipe Sizes 698
    N. Standard Tubing Gages 700

Author Index 703
Subject Index 705

fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer 5th edition solutions manual pdf

fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer 5th edition solutions manual ebook

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