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Hunger Games book is a great book whose author is Suzanne Collins. This whole novel is revolving around Katniss Everdeen who has been forced to move into fights with the kids in an arena.

The whole storyline of the book is taking place in the Panem which was previously known as North America and is having some limited resources. For letting the citizens stay in control, the government had even separated the district and yet reinforces some class differences.

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Hunger Games e-book has been fully detailing the adventure journey of Katniss Everdeen who has been forced into the fight-to-the-death tournament against the rest of the children. In the midst of the limited resources, the whole despotic government of the Panem was actually run by Capitol which let all the citizens get separated into the districts and yet reinforce some severe class separations.

Their one major and the strongest tool were to promote the disunion and hence discourage the emerging rebellion which is the Hunger Games. This was actually the yearly event in which two of the tributes from each of the districts actually pitted us against one another for the whole country to watch over the television. All the games were arranged in the arena within the forested garden place.

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