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Midnight Sun book is an amazing and masterpiece novel written by Stephenie Meyer. Midnight Sun is basically the 2020 companion novel to the 2005 book Twilight written by the same author Stephenie Meyer. The work is completely retelling all the events that took place in Twilight right from the perspective of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Midnight Sun Book


Midnight Sun Summary:

Let’s make you move into the Midnight Sun summary section to know what exactly the book story is all about!

Midnight Sun e-book is the second part of the book, Twilight. We all know that Bella and Edward met each other for the first time in Twilight after which an extraordinary love story was born. But to date today, readers have just experienced how Bella fell in love with Edward. But this time, the author has shared the love story of Edward through the book, Midnight Sun.

The book has been also transformed into the shape of the movie which starts with the thrilling read of Edward’s eyes who takes on a new and yet decidedly dark twist. Being the vampire, meeting Bella had always remained to be the most intriguing and memorable event of his life!

In this book, you will also see how fascinating and struggling Edward faced and the emerging complexity of his inner thoughts. In short, this is such an epic novel that is based on profound pleasures and has been added up with the devastating consequences of immortal love.

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