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Content Of Table:

Conversion Factors and Mathematical Symbols Jam£s 0. Maloney
Physical and Chemical Data Peter E. Liley, George H. Thomson, D. G. Friend, Thomas E. Daubert, Evan Buck
Mathematics Bruce A. Finlayson, Jam£s F Davis, Arthur W Westerberg, Yoshiyuki Yamashita
Thermodynamics Hendrick C. Van Ness, Michael M. Abbott
Heat and Mass Transfer Jam£s G. Knudsen, Hoyt C. Hottel, Adel F Sarofim, Phillip c. Wankat, Kent S. Knaebel
Fluid and Particle Dynamics Jam£s N. Tilton
Reaction Kinetics Stanley M. Walas
Process Control Thomas F Edgar; Cecil L. Smith, F Greg Shinskey, George W Gassman, Paul J. Schajbuch, Thomas J. McAvoy, Dale E. Seborg
Process Economics F A. Holland, J. K Wilkinson
Transport and Storage of Fluids Meherwan 1′. Royce
Heat- Transfer Equipment Richard L. Shilling, Kenneth J. Bell, Patrick M. Bemhagen, Thomas M. Flynn, Victor M. Goldschmidt, Predrag S. Hrnjak, F C. Standiford, Klaus D. Timmerhaus
Psychrometry, Evaporative Cooling, and Solids Drying Charles G. Moyers, Glenn W Baldwin
Distillation J. D. Seader;J Jeffrey J. Siirola, Scott D. Bamicki
Biochemical Engineering Henry R. Bungay, Arthur E. Humphrey, George T Tsao
Waste Management Louis Theodore, Anthony I. Buonocore, John D. McKenna, Irwin I. Kugelman, john s. Ieris, joseph I. Santoleri, Thomas R McGowan
Process Safety Stanley M. Englund, Frank T Bodurtha, Laurence G. Britton, Daniel A. Crowl, Stanley Grossel, W G. High, Trevor A. Kletz, Robert W Ormsby, john E. Owens, Carl A. Schiappa, Richard Siwek, Robert E. White, David Winegardner; john L. Woodward
Energy Resources, Conversion, and Utilization Walter R Podolski, Shelby A. Miller; David K Schnialzer; Anth9ny G. Fonseca, Vincent Conrad, Douglas E. Lowenhaupt, john Bacha, Lawrence K Rath, Hsue-peng Loh, Edgar. Klunder; Howard G. McIlvried, III, Gary I. Stiegel, Rameshwar D. Srivastava, Peter I. Loftus, Charles E. Benson, john M. Wheeldon, Michael Krumpelt
Materials of Construction Oliver W Siebert, john G. Stoecker
Process Machinery Drives Heinz p Bloch, R. H. Daugherty, Fred K Geitner; Meherwan p Boyce, Judson S. Swearingen, Eric jennet, Michael M. Calistrat
Analysis of Plant Performance Colin S. Howat
The index follows Section 30.

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