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The Phantom of the Opera PDF Free Download

The phantom of the opera book is a novel by French author Gaston Leroux. It was first published as a serial from 23 September 1909 to 8 January 1910 and was released in volume form in late March 1910 by Pierre Lafitte.  The phantom of the opera book e-book novel is partly inspired by historical events at the Pris Opera during the nineteenth century it has been successfully adapted into various stage and film adaptations.

The phantom of the opera book PDF Free Download

The phantom of the Opera book:

In the 1880s, the Opera House is believed to have been attacked by an organization known as the Phantom of the Opera, or just Opera Ghost. A man named Joseph Buquet is found hanging, with a rope around his neck.

At the retirement gala of two opera house managers, the little-known Swedish soprano is asked to sing in place of the Opera’s leading soprano, Carlotta, who is ill, and Christine’s performance is a remarkable success. She tries to visit him in the background, where she hears a man complimenting her inside her dressing room. He searches the room after Christine leaves but finds it empty.

In Christine, he meets Raoul, who confronts him with a voice he hears in his room. Christine tells him that he was taught by the Angel of Music, which his father used to tell them about. Christine is visiting her father’s grave one night when a mysterious person appears to be playing the violin.

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The phantom of the opera book Free Download:

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