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We Were Liars PDF Free Download

 We Were Liars book has been written beautifully by E. Lockhart. This novel has been primarily focused on the two summers in particular which is about Cadence’s 17th summer when she made her way back to Beechwood Island once the summer was away.

And then the 15th summer when she fell in love with Gat! But something strange happened that led the whole Cadence to start a battle with chronic migraines. I was not able to figure that what made this traumatic head injury result in this constant pain.

We Were Liars PDF Free Download


We Were Liars Summary:

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We Were Liars e-book is yet the sophisticated and suspense-based novel from the National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

It is all follows through the Sinclair family which perceives the beautiful and perfect yet the eldest granddaughter of the family Cadence who is the protagonist of this story. The whole story has been revolving around the three cousins who are drug addicts and criminals as well. Their names are Cady, Johnny, and Mirren, and the outsider Gat becomes part of Sinclair during the summertime on the visit to their private island. All three of them are known as liars.

The story is about these three characters and how they have uncovered some of the ugly secrets related to the ever-immaculate Sinclair family.

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