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Who Moved My Cheese pdf

Who moved my Cheese book is written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Who Moved My Cheese e-book is a complete short yet light-hearted parable that is all about change. The storyline has been following the terms of being into the emotional and physical journeys of four different characters.

The main characters of this novel are Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. Each one of the characters finds, search, lose and even rediscover their favorite food, or the cheese, within a large, twisting maze.

Who Moved my Cheese Book


Who Moved My Cheese Summary: 

Let’s get into the detailed Who Moved My Cheese summary!

Johnson’s cheese is known to be the metaphor for what exactly you want to have in your life. This can be a loving relationship, a good job, possessions, money or health, and even spiritual peace of mind.

Maze is actually the organization for whom you are working, in which you can even add the community or the family you are living into. Life will definitely change, no matter whether you appreciate/like it or not.

The stories of Hem, Scurry, Sniff, and Haw are exploring life in different ways and how they respond to that change is a life-learning lesson for the reasons. The author has explored and captured the truths of each character’s lifestyle so beautifully.

The end lesson of the novel will definitely make you learn how to embrace and enjoy your current life.

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